Slide ‘Listen to your body
and embrace yourself’
our philosophy

‘Especially now it is important to focus on loving communication with yourself.’

Brand introduction

We are emotional & honest women who wanted to create a mindful and comfy base building up a connection to our wonderful body, mind & soul. By wearing our ecological sweatshirts with lovable and encouraging words of our inner needs, we get reminded to focus on the essential – ourselves. Listen to and love your beautiful body, your personal soulmate and embrace yourself by everyday.


Some years ago, after walking fast mijles through life by disregarding myself over many years, I painful realized I needed to change for living.

As a clothing engineer I love good and sustainable fashion, so I created a collection with lovable and encouraging words embroidered on finest organic cotton, for more connection to our body, mind & soul.

This cozy collection should remind us to accept ourselves for who we are.

by mijl – embrace yourself.

Hello it's me

‘We need a true, authentic and lovable communication to ourselves!’


Our body

Lets talk to our body

Your body is a true universe. It works and communicates down to the smallest cell. Our unique body represents us, works hard and provides us with life and energy. It shows itself in beauty with every fiber and we should always care for it with love and patience. Because your wonderful body is your home.

by mijl – embrace yourself

Vision & mission

Find your truest self
and get connected

Our vision starts in our reality. In those days life is fast and the standards high. While we want to achieve and create so much, there is hardly any time to take a deep breath.

Our mission starts here to re-establish a mindful connection to our body and mind by listening to ourselves and perceiving what we really need for a fulfilled life.

This honest body, mind and soul connection makes us feel home inside.

mindful collection
Mindful collection

‘We love to share emotions’

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