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connection to yourself
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‘A mindful collection created to embrace yourself.’

by mijl creates garments for a connection between our body & mind. When we carry lovable and encouraging words for our innermost needs, we feel true and authentic. We love to feel at home in our body.

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A mindful collection made for yourself and us too.

Reconnecting body & mind

Our story

We trust in emotions

We develop emotionally, act ecologically and want to embrace with what we do. We create garments for a mindful future for ourselves and our society with care of sustainability, in every fiber.

Our brand story

by mijl

Inside our brand

Reconnecting body & mind

Loving our bodies

Our values

Vision to mission

Feel good production

Our commitment

The most important choice by getting a high quality garment is to find the right production which works with the same values as we do.

Our commitment

Made with love.

Feel good production

Made sustainable with love

A connection that matters

Mother nature & society

Free shipping on orders over € 150

‘We love to share emotions.’

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